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Honestly, 1200 characters are too short to describe me. But I'll tell you one thing. I like Orochimaru <3


Jateng Trip Memoir (part 3) - Specially ME

First.. from my feet~ hahaha <3

This is me. Really.. look weird, huh?

Me and my grandma, lagi naik BECHAK!

Uh-oh. Rambut gue berantakan, LOL

Me inside a towel! Hahahahaha.. so cute <3

Jateng Trip Memoir (part 2)

3rd Hotel, Karlita, Tegal

2nd Hotel, Novotel, Yogyakarta (2)

2nd Hotel, Novotel, Yogyakarta

1st Hotel, Ibis, Semarang

Jateng Trip Memoir (part 1)

See...? This is my cousin, looking at the view.

My momma and pappa.. they looked cute <3

My momma and her sista, my auntie..

The big family at the bus, nyahahaha~ look cute right? <3

Nooo! We're under attack!


Tegal, Semarang, Dkk

Ya-Ha!! This is the 4th day of my trip! Catatan kecil perjalanan saiia..

Rumah Kakek ---> Semarang ---> Ambarawa ---> Borobudur ---> Yogyakarta ---> Gua Jatijajar ---> Gombong ---> Tegal

How's that? Ada orang Indonesia ndak? Kalau iya, pasti tau tempat-tempat ini. Apa lagi Borobudur, hahaha.. I'll post the pic tomorrow.. :)


Recommended Manga/Anime

Okay, here's some recommended anime and manga this week!

1. Black Jack 21
2. xxxHolic
3. Big Windup!
4. BLOOD the Last Vampire
5. Jigoku Shoujo

1. Eyeshield 21
2. Saiyuki Gaiden
3. Vampire Knight

Updates & News

Some news and updates. Well, there's lots of news right now.. too much news I guess. And there's not much people online at MangaFox today, phuh.

1. Me and my big family will having a trip for 5 days.
2. Download Switch ost.
3. I have a lot to confess look at this and this too.
4. My soar throat is now gone!

There's currently no updates.


New Songs!

YAY! I have download new songs, Big Windup ost! I really love the Dramatic one.. very.. very summer.. hahaha..

Oh well, see ya later. Me hearing some of the new music.. :)


Updates & News

This is some updates for today. And maybe some news.. well, just see below.

1. I'm going to Bandung today, at 01.00 PM
2. I can do my math test! Yay!

1. I add 'Book this Month' at the sidebar.
2. Add Yondaime pic as my header.. uuh, he's so cool! XD
3. Added 'Anime List' at Kawaii Killer Special: Anime Reviews.
4. I added more at 'Other Me' section.


Signatures & Mangafox

Udah 1 hari gue nggak log in ke MF, lumayan susah juga ya, menahan hasrat ingin spamming disono.. huhuhu..

But I'm happy! Karena gue bakal ke Bandung weekend ini.. menyambut kakek dan nenek gue pulang dari haji. Hahaha.. udah lama juga nggak ke Bandung. Oh, gue juga buat banyak siggy pic dan avatarnya, jadi berpasangan2 gitu..

Just see my profile at MF. Bye bye everyone! :)


Death Note Characters Figures

All of this is Death Note characters Nendroid Figure. I love L, he looks so cute in chibi form.. aww, I love all form of his. Except the princess version. (-__-)

I've got this from and there's more figures inside! So, take a peek and see.

Male Shirt

This is some of the shirt I made.. nyahahaha~ I know the picture it isn't that good, but I hope it's fine.


Updates & News

Hello, Killer-chan is here. There's lots of news at my life.. lots of it. Just see what I'm going to write below.
1. My youngest cousin (5 years old) goes to the hospital, broken bones because he jumped from a chair.
2. This is the day before the test, tomorrow. Wish me luck.
3. Bought lots of books this afternoon.

And some of the updates.
1. I add a music playlist at the sidebar as you can see.
2. Add more links in the 'Other Me' section.

That's all. Hope to see more updates, yosh! Bye bye people.


I <3 Kougaiji (150x150)

This is some Kougaiji avatar (150x150) I made.. isn't he handsome? He's one of my favorite characters, even if he's not always at the anime.

NOTE: use it, credit


Stamps at Marapets

These is some of the good stamps in Marapets, I really love the design. Hope you like it too..

Moon & Venus

Today nggak belajar apa-apa, cuma writing doang. I went home sama Dian and Kika, asik ada temen ngobs.. dan ternyata langsung jemput Mama.

I can see the moon and Venus from below here. It's beautiful and so elegant.. I like it.


Celebrity of The Day: Vin Diesel

Vin atau Diesel bukanlah nama aslinya (seharusnya adalah Mark Vincent).

Steven Spielberg menemukannya dalam film yang diproduksi Vin dengan biaya $3.000 (yang cukup mengejutkan ternyata ini bukan film porno). Spielberg kemudian menyediakan tempat untuknya dalam Saving Private Ryan, yang kemudian menjadi langkah awal Vin Diesel dalam kancah dunia.

Vin pernah membuka gaming development house bernama Tigon Studio karena ia muak dengan tingkah laku orang yang membuat game jelek dari film besar.

Ia cukup kaget saat The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay mendapatkan review score sebesar 90 persen.